Why a QR code in times of the Corona virus? A QR code gives you the opportunity to let us know who you are without much effort when you report somewhere. Your name with initials and zip code will be included in the QR code. In any case, something that can be traced back to your person. Obviously, the QR code is anonymous: you are the only one who has the QR code registered with your GP, a hospital, an airport or anywhere else. Suppose you want to become a volunteer in a nursing home after the Corona crisis and have had Corona. Because you have had the QR code scanned by your doctor and he has forwarded the data to the Safety Region, the nursing home can submit your QR code to the Safety Region to see if you are safe with regard to Corona.

Another example: after the crisis, you want to fly to Istanbul. Turkish Airways only takes ex Corona patients or people who have been vaccinated. You scan the code with your iPhone or PC and Turkish Airlines will see if you can safely. We have now come up with 75 such examples. So in all those examples, the QR code actually works as a Corona passport.

We emphasize that everyone is free to request this QR code or not. Applications cost you 1 euro, which we will deduct after the costs for ex Corona patients. We want to support them with childcare and physiotherapy, provided they also have a QR code and it fits within the budget that we obtain via this website. We already have an offer of hotels in Europe and the Netherlands that want to participate, but that is not yet the case.

If you request the QR code, only the QR code will be sent to you; no one else gets to see him. You are the one who has the QR code registered somewhere and nobody else. The payment of 1 euro is necessary to cover the costs and to collect funds for ex Corona patients. We want to offer them rehabilitation and relaxation in hotels in the Netherlands or across the border.

We don't need advertising. We want to start quietly and guarantee the privacy of everyone for 100 percent. We would rather have the news spread through a live fire than through publicity. All talk shows and breast-beating do nothing for the Corona patients.

I use these insights in the elaboration of the QR passport.

You cannot avoid storing the data of people in a central environment. This is an environment accessible only by the person or his / her authorized representatives. This is stored encrypted in the central facility. We are building this facility as part of this initiative. In this facility, you will also be able to store other medical data about yourself more widely than covid. Like your blood type, latest medical results. Access is based on two factor authentication.

This facility can be queried by any agency in a safe and intelligible manner. The person has insight into who or which body has consulted his / her covid status. As a person I determine

whether my covid status is accessible and for whom. You can request it by showing the QR code (personal, so QR code is displayed by the person). The requesting or verifying body is therefore presented with identifiable information to validate whether you are who you say you are. So when entering a shopping center where your covid must be free, the guard can see your photo on the screen. This photo has included the person in his covid file.

This is to prevent me from entering my friend's cell phone that is covid free.

The person must have set that his or her covid status can be requested. He or she can do this for any body or party that wants to be able to request the status.

It can be set in advance, so without a time limit until it is turned off again by the person. Or it can be given separately for each request. So if Turkish airlines makes a request to request your covid status, the person receives a notification and can approve or reject it. The request cannot be saved, but it is logged in the system under the credentials of Turkish airlines (date and time stamp of the consultation and result). As a person you can view the consultation and possibly delete it (self-service AVG).

In addition, you have an app on the mobile which is always in the person's possession. This mobile phone or other smart devices can transmit the personal biometrics to the central facility. Think of heart rate, body temperature, etc. This will of course remain confidential and only accessible to the person. With this additional data, the central facility can predictively determine the chance of covid contamination. And again only for information for the person himself. He, she decides with whom he / she shares this information. This is provided for.

Another function that can be turned on or off in the app is to notify your covid status via a BT request or WiFi request. Or vice versa requesting the covid status of devices in the vicinity. The app then continuously scans the environment and queries these devices for covid status. The data that the person provides is his covid status. For the rest no information. A distance calculation is required to indicate the risk of contamination. The proximity parameter is calculated or determined by the app. In the app you can see the covid status graphically with a risk indication of contamination.

The covid status is therefore not tied to a location, because the app itself calculates the distance to the covid notification. It is therefore not easy to trace back to a person in the shopping center, for example. In this way, the information remains anonymous and you can determine the probability of your own infection based on the distance and degree of infections in the vicinity.


- all information remains with the individual

The individual determines which data is shared with whom (public anonymous is therefore an option)

The app provides for feeding and determining the risk of contamination as well as sharing the released data.

This is a beautiful and safe way to create covid app. It depends on the use of the app and the numbers.

PS We get a lot of energy from it and actually want to do the development. Can't we arrange a subsidy somewhere to create this? Think we need a 100k for backend and app development. The environment can be further developed into its own patient file.

PS covid free: = tested and no virus carrier, covid wear and cure, covid vaccinated.

Anyone who catches the virus is going through hell. We want to help to ease the suffering a little. You can contribute by requesting a QR code.

With best regards,

Director Corona-COVID-19 project QR, Mr. Eric Meijer Director PKLC BV Netherlands

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